Professional Accreditation

Professional Certification is critical to recognizing top executives who have met and surpassed high standards of experience, continuing education, and value to their organizations. Certification shows the world that professional competence has been verified.

The certification on business cards and bios announces professional competence to an employer, peers and customers. While other certifications show technical knowledge, senior executives are responsible for far more. This designation indicates verified experience as a senior executive in that function, that the executive has led their team well, and that they have actually delivered strategic value in the real world for the company as verified by the other executives on that team.

Those who meet this higher level of accreditation earn the right to use the professional designation after their name. A wall plaque is also provided upon meeting the requirements (included). If additional hours are needed to meet the continuing education requirements, those are also provided via the accreditation online portal to ensure continuous improvement as a top echelon executive (also included).

Accreditations Available.

Included Continuing Education

While most CFO training from other sources counts towards your required CEU hours, we also include the highest quality Continuing Education in existence. In fact, most CFOs expense their certification as a training expense. You can login from anywhere to watch the practical, insightful lectures and sharing of best practices by other top CFOs (examples below).

When you login, you will have a large library of recent on-demand lectures shown below which you may watch as needed for additional continuing education credit hours. Each is worth 1 CEU hour. They are all included at no extra charge. From our online system you can then print Certificates of Completion to document the minimum educational requirements per year.