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Grand Rapids HR Leaders Summit A. MONTHLY WEB DATES. Please mark these future monthly web dates from 2-3 pm EST for an hour each (again all recorded for you to watch at your convenience as well):.

2021 Dates: Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12, June 9, July 14, Aug 11, Sep 15, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8.
2022 Dates: Jan.12, Feb.9, Mar.9, Apr.13, May.11, Jun.8, Jul.13, Aug.10, Sep.14, Oct.12, Nov.9, Dec.14.

Next Monthly Meeting: Aug 11th, 2021.
"Improving Teamwork/Enrollment with Employees Whose First Language Is Not English" with Frenando Lopez, VP/Head of HR at SF Benefits.
(many top women leaders listed below at Southwest, Vanderbilt, Cox, Boeing, Microsoft, and more)

Grand Rapids Marriott B. ANNUAL EXPO TIMES. 2:00 pm until 4:30 pm (also recorded).
Date: June 24, 2021.
(Moved to Web For Safety) Location: Grand Rapids Maririott, 235 Louis St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

• Welcome and Introduction by Shelly Fisher.
• Engaging and Motivating Remote Employees During The Pandemic
• Best Practices and Tools for Increased Employee Retention
• Health, Productivity, Analytics & Consulting practice COVID
• The Future of Primary Care Post-COVID
• Common HR Issues and Solutions Arising From COVID-19 & Building an Effective HR Response Plan
• Conclusion and Upcoming Monthly Speakers Schedule (Included).

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Ken Barrett
Chief Diversity Officer
General Motors 

Rob Kight
VP Global HR Services
Delta Air Lines 

Peter Warwick
Chief People Office
Thomson Reuters 

David Stafford
Chief HR Office
North America 

Celeste Warren
VP of Human Resources

Jen Steinmann
Principal Chief
Transformation Office

David Kingsley
Vice President Global
Human Resources

Nickijo Hager
VP Organizational
Mayo Clinics 

Jeff Johnson
Sr. Director of
Talent Management
Frito Lay 

Darrin Podeschi
VP of HR

Lisa Welker Finney
Vice President HR
Boston Scientific 

Brent Pawlecki
Chief Health Officer

Elizabeth Morrison
Global Director Diversity
Campbell Soup 

Marty Mulloy
Vice President
Labor Affair
Ford Motor Company 

Catriona Eldemery
Director Human Resource
Four Seasons Hotel 

Location: Key Bridge Marriott (changed to viewing online for safety)
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Detailed Agenda    

subject to change without notice

2:00 pm: HR Business Continuity Amidst COVID-19
Business continuity planning involves creating the capability to identify how unplanned disasters could disrupt critical business functions, and having a plan allows the organization to take steps to mitigate a disaster’s impact when people, systems, facilities, suppliers, and partners may be unavailable for an extended period. Learn top crisis management and crisis communications techniques, and offer member training and participation in simulation exercises to become skilled in responding to a disaster. Galvanize C-level champions who supports the goal of operational resiliency and create a team within the operations division. Why determining the best way to prepare crisis communications in order to document procedures is necessary to ensure consistent messaging is presented to internal and external stakeholders.

2:30 pm - Success Stories: How to Inspire a Disengaged.
Hear from this panel of operational experts to discover the ways in which thought leaders have rallied employee teams through tough economic times. Understand how the best leaders have inspired panicked or uncomfortable workforces in the past and discover the best techniques to reigniting a spark within your employees through precision tasking and increased attentiveness. Realize the importance of feedback and the value of giving your employees and voice whilst acknowledging they are being heard.

3:00 pm - Job Layoffs due to COVID-19: Best Practices
Hear from key experts on the best ways to communicate, execute and minimize damage from job loss during the COVID-19 crisis. Determine the best practices in showing respect and understanding towards those in the wake of the virus and understand the options your company has for support. Discuss and ways and materials to compensate for this unfortunate epidemic and how to get the most out of what your company can offer in employee support.

3:30 pm - Potential HR Issues Arising From Coronavirus
Discover the best policies concerning your employees during an international virus pandemic. As the spread of COVID-19 has infected over 200,00 people and counting across the world, we must understand how best to react to understand our employee safety and the wellbeing of our workforce. Learn how you can implement beneficial policy and express clear communication to reinforce employee job security and satisfaction. Develop a plan for an emergency or shutdown of your company operations and some definitive ways that you can combat employee health and help any who have been quarantined due to a virus or illness.

4:00 pm - Company Policies and Rule Changes to Handle the Pandemic
Know what official policies and change options you have available take in the case of the global virus pandemic threat. Lay out scenarios in which you would execute operational policy change in order to meet safety and productivity requirements that coincide with company goals. Cover the top executives' planning checklists and ensure the existence and knowledge of key responsibilities for your organizational structure in the wake of a pandemic.

4:30 pm - Conclusion.
This concludes our speaker sessions, but we encourage you to reach out to any of our service providers for additional information. Thank you for your time and participation in our event.

Fee: FREE to Register (Live Streamed and On-Demand for safety).
also includes 12 monthly speakers by webinar, access to the online HR community resources, and our exceptional monthly benefits.

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- Ahmed Mohamed, Pharmaworks

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- Beth Gavish, Key Local Bank

"The room setup was good, so was the food. Send me the next date please."
- Bill Sandberg, Rising Sun Systems

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"I attended and appreciated that there wa a large turnout."
- Justin Redifer, ProviderTrust

"I liked the networking the best. I think this years was the best I have been to. Keep up the good work."
- Mark Ridings, TWRA

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