Main Goals of the Association?

• Learn. Come learn the latest HR strategies and techniques to move your company forward.

• Discover. Find new technologies and ideas you did not know existed yet plus feedback on what works.

• Connect. Mingle with other top HR managers and leaders to pick up on best practices and new ideas.

About the Planning Organization.

The HR Leaders Association ( is a fast growing organization of over 23,000 HR leaders (CHROs, HR Directors, and HR managers) with 35 chapters in most major cities. The focus is on sharing best practices in the leadership and management of HR departments and staff. The overall planning of the HR Leaders Association's yearly events and chapter meetings is managed by Executive Summits which is dedicated to supporting a number of associations globally. The co-planners of the conference series are:

Shelley Taft  
Shelley joined the team 14 years ago and serves as a Senior Program Director responsible for events planning and speaker selection for a number of our events. Before joining our team she had a similar role with Vistage (a worldwide association of CEOs) for 12 years.

Ginger Whatley  
Ginger is an accomplished events manager with a proven record of planning dynamic events with diverse audiences. She has particular expertise in strategy and events participation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Georgia.

Sarah Browner  
Sarah plans, directs and moderates a number of our events. She has extensive success both in events planning and communications across a number of industries. She holds a Bachelors of Science from Georgia State University.

Barbara Willis  
Barbara is responsible for keeping our planning team on task and efficient. Barbara is highly personable, communicating directly with our speakers and members to ensure their expectations and outcomes are exceeded before and after event day.

  Rachel Maronde  
Rachel is responsible for events planning and moderation across a number of our key conferences and events. Previously she was with the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Aquarium also in events management. She holds a Bachelors in Hospitality Management from Auburn University.

Lori Evans  
Lori serves as an Events Planner and Moderator responsible for events planning and speaker selection for a number of our events. She has a deep background in special events, expos, and trade shows. She was a Communications Major at Hofstra University.

Julie Carpenter  
Julie leads our research and publications function responsible for member services. These include meeting summaries, monthly book summaries, best practices and news. She has a Master of Professional Writing from the University of Memphis.

Shelly Fisher    
Shelly joined our team late last year for Shelly Fitz-gerald who left to pursue other opportunities. She serves as an events planning director responsible for key events, chapter speaker and event planning, and responsibility for our annual conferences.

If a COVID-19 Safety Issue or Date Conflict Should I Register Anyway?

When you register for safety you will receive access to this year's Summit live-streamed and on-demand, plus monthly speakers by webconference, other Monthly Benefits for a full year PLUS Free admission to next year's In-Person Summit due to the COVID-19 safety issue. Those with conflicts on the Summit date should register anway to take advantage of these benefits including a live webinar each month with a top HR executive discussing new ideas and strategies posted each month, articles monthly, book summary monthly, access to the city's mentoring list, and much more all included (Details). It's the perfect way to network with other highly successful HR executives and skyrocket your career.

Will Special Diet Meals be Available?

Yes, vegetarian/vegan meals will be available upon request (identify yourself to the hotel staff once seated).

Are the Facilities ADA Compliant?

Yes, there is handicapped access to all main entrances and conference areas. We can also make special accomodations if needed (please contact the hotel to coordinate).

May I cancel?

Yes, you may cancel at any time without charge. Please see the cancellation link in the automatic reservation confirmation sent to you when you registered.

May I Be a Sponsor or Speak?

Potentially yes if your product or service adds value to the participants. Please see the Sponsorship site for more info.

Registration Terms?

Our full attendee registration terms are located  Here

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"I liked the ability to see new technology and applications."
- Marcia Trajano, Philips

"I liked the various suppliers and the presentations."
- Deborah Hayek, Honeywell International

"I liked the pace the best."
- Bob Meecham, Cox Communications

"I enjoyed the demonstration of newer interests in the field."
- Michael Barlow, Better Homes and Gardens

"The agenda did have interesting topics for me...I would like to see more of these locally."
- Bob Brown, Deloitte Services

" I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to next year."
- Carter Vath, Ener-Tech