What is CRM Retargeting and How much does it Cost?

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What is CRM Retargeting?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Retargeting is the process of advertising your products to your online customers, past or present, by utilizing your offline customer database (CRM). It assists in displaying to your potential customers your ads without having them visiting your website or open an email. Direct mail and email marketing can also utilize retargeting through database marketing methods that include email blasts.

How does CRM Retargeting work?

CRM Retargeting will display ads to specific, qualified audiences by using their email address to determine whether or not they will receive an ad. This data will then create a matching segment, and by using cookies, allows you to target each segment individually to get the most effective results. By using that data, you will be able to easily determine whether or not a prospect is a good candidate for your campaign based on past customer information.

The individual’s email address is then matched to the system using cookies within their browser, supplied by 3rd party data providers. Once the prospect is located, the targeted ads get served to them during specific time windows at fixed daily rates.

Benefits of CRM Retargeting

By having the ability to deliver tailor-made messages to both current and prospective customers, regardless of their online location, retargeting has become a very cost effective method of advertising online.

CRM Retargeting is an effective method to reduce the sales cycle by implementing strategies that include content marketing, triggered email campaigns, site visitor tracking, and coordinated social media outreach. This, combined with the ability to rejuvenate cold leads, means that you can not only improve your ROI but also your overall bottom line by saving on sales expenditures.

Additional benefits include the ability to re-engage email recipients, past or present, to connect them with new products that they may be interested in purchasing.

Further cost savings come in the form of reduced cost per impression, higher rates of conversion, more cost effective branding and finally precise targeting, all designed to save you advertising dollars.

The cost of CRM Retargeting

There are many different price structures for CRM Retargeting and they vary between providers. The fixed pricing structure using a CRM or CPC model is used by Chango and Perfect Audience, while another fixed price structure, such as the model used by ReTargeter, charges a flat fee based on customer thresholds (at $2,500/mo the rate is around $4/CPM).

Other structures include those used by Google Adwords Remarketing and Adroll, which employ pay-as-you go models to entice those not willing to invest heavily in retargeting just yet. This allows businesses to test out whether they feel a retargeting campaign is right for them and make their decision after testing the product.

In addition to our competitive price structure, Retargetable takes the issue of cost a step further by providing you with a way to monitor the revenue generated from your retargeting campaigns, which will allow you to determine if you should increase or decrease spending, or even cancel the campaigns all together. We believe the choice is yours and our goal is to assist in making that choice.