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Service Express

Presentation Time for a Reboot
White Paper Cost Cutting in the Data Center
More Info Website
Email Edward Kurpieski     Telephone: 224-478-2071

United Radio Communications, Inc.

Presentation CBRS Boost Your Network
Partner Motorola
More Info Website
Email Gary Kuzel     Telephone: 708-430-5800

Crown Castle

White Paper Improving Access to Electronic Medical Records
White Paper Connecting a Leading Law Firm to the Cloud
White Paper Building an Advanced Fiber Network That’s Redefining the Stadium Experience
More Info Website
Email Lisa Gebhart     Telephone: 212-324-5027

LogicWorks Website
Email Dana Hildner    Telephone 201-213-7424

White Paper Duo Zero Trust for the Workforce
More Info Website
Email Laura O'Melia     Telephone: 847-440-1290

Evolve IP

Presentation Evolve IP Work Anywhere
White Paper Evolve IP Unified Workspaces
More Info Website
Email Gary Coben     Telephone: 610-457-4428


Presentation Managing and Securing SaaS, Desktop & Application Access from Any Location
White Paper Managed Cybersecurity Solutions
More Info Website
Email Lori Leonardo     Telephone: 847-440-1290


Presentation COVID-19 and the Shift to Remote Work
White Paper Remote-Access Security Checklist for New At-Home Workers
More Info Website
Email Robert Lammert     Telephone: 619-876-5778

Presentation DNS Security and Privacy
White Paper The New Standard in DNS Security
More Info Website
Email Gwen Bailey     Telephone: 773-951-8812

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