Why We Started.

BizSummits was created by execs who wanted to take the next step beyond conferences and events which present ideas but little camaraderie or accountability. By creating the invitation-only summit where only the best are invited, it is possible to share best practices, experiences and insights in a candid, open environment while holding each other accountable for excellence.

Our Foundation.

BizSummits is committed to enabling its members to build relationships and learn from the experiences of their peers by providing timely relevant discussions and exceptional service delivery. Meeting these objectives has enabled members to improve performance of their organizations and enhance their careers.


Exceptional executives who have been nominated for membership. Vendors are not allowed to join or participate to ensure openness. Disclosing other members' issues, challenges, or confidential info to third parties shall be cause for immediate suspension of membership.

Membership Responsibilities.

Summit members are encouraged to take active participation in the monthly meetings as well as supply feedback in order for us to continually strive to bring you the most current and relevant topics.

Headquarters - Atlanta