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   "Quick to deploy, easy to use,
                 and drives immediate results."

Most executives agree that Strategy and Execution must work in tandem.
Attempting one without the other rarely if ever succeeds. Yet all top competitors to TeamEx inexplicably focus on either Strategy (no value if not executed well), or Execution (creates a ship without a rudder).

TeamEx is the only system on the market that provides both. Everything you need to get your team rowing in the same direction is included to deliver the results you need. Here is a quick comparison of the top systems on the market:


Detailed Additional Feature Comparisons:

Other top systems are also missing key functions vital to execution beyond just Goal Management. These include team collaboration, agile innovation, and results recognition (every manager knows that what gets rewarded gets done, and that non-monetary rewards often have far greater impact than compensation). Even in the core function of Goal Management, TeamEx is far more powerful. Other systems are also missing the ability to assign goals by periods (weeks, months, quarters) without re-creating the goal multiple times (i.e. 52 times if weekly), the others cannot compare various periods easily with each other, evaluate each employee's performance on a goal by periods, and are even missing a problem tracking system to get goals back on track. These vital features were built into TeamEx from the beginning so that you achieve maximum results.

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