iCirc has built the largest B2B database of U.S. executives, managers and employees in existence (over 46 million unique names representing 30% of the US workforce and 75% of all white collar workers). This is 3 times larger than the D&B file which is the next largest. This gives us unparalleled ability to target both by industry and job function to add subscribers to your publications.

Best of all, we add subscribers to your publications on a performance basis. You need to pay us nothing up front to try our service. We will work with you to create effective campaigns and we then execute upon the campaigns you approve. You pay us only on the results we deliver. There is nothing to risk upfront by trying our service, only the upside of additional subscribers and more revenue. We target by:

  • Firmographic Match. Based upon your guidance on the most likely industries, job functions and company size, we extract matches from our database and then target these high-probability subscribers through campaigns you approved.

  • Company Match. After analysis of your subscriber file, we can identify additional employees within those same companies that would be high-probability subscribers and then we target them through effective campaigns you approved.

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