In addition to reactivating past subscribers and adding net new subscribers which increases your list rental revenue through more names, iCirc can also assist you or your list manager in increasing your list rental income in other ways.

Our massive database contains emails for most of your current and past subscribers. We can provide an instant, outsourced email rental product you can offer to the market (or augment your existing email coverage if you already offer this service).

We provide two options; "Opt-In" for endorsed email list rental campaigns on a conservative basis, or discreet "Opt-Out" for maximization of list rental revenue while still being fully compliant with U.S. CAN-SPAM laws.

Our Turnkey Solution. iCirc's turnkey solution allows you to turn your data list into an email list that will maximize your revenue. While emails can reside at your list manager's location, we can provide a full-service outsourcing solution complete with renter creative marketing assistance (critical to ensure repeat rentals), CAN-SPAM compliance monitoring, and the industry's best tracking. 

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