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Email marketing was and is still a powerful tool for successful sales process. However, there are numerous challenges to make the most of it. According to a survey conducted by Marketing Shepra the top 5 problems faced by thousands of companies were:

1.Integrating e-mail data with other data systems
2.Improving deliverability
3.Growing and retaining subscribers
4.Achieving measurable return on investment (ROI)
5.Using email for funnel optimization

Although, these were not the only problems faced by the companies, they surely were the highly ranked ones. Now, without further delay, let us have a look at the details for each of the above listed problems:

1. Integrating email data with other data systems in order to attract more visitors and customers to a company, creating the perfect marketing message is very important. For this reason, many marketers draw as much data as they can. The advantage of integrating data from different sources is that the marketers can optimize the content of their email. This way the customers can have a positive purchasing experience and the marketers can build better sales lead.

2. Improving deliverability the deliverability rate is the ratio of the emails you send versus how many of them are actually received by the customers in their inbox. You should know that not all emails you send are going to their inbox.

3. Growing and retaining customers this is sometimes tricky for the marketers. Never buy email lists, rather go for earning your subscribers. Convey a clear message to your subscribers. Tell them what they can earn from subscribing to your emails.

4. Achieving measurable ROI this problem is closely related to the problem number 1. Why, because your ROI depends on your ability to collect all the data from your sales process. In order to know the value of your marketing efforts, you need to know if they are persuading your sales or not, if you are, then how many sales result and how many website visits they are producing.

5. Using email for funnel optimization using only email is one part of a strategy for optimizing your sales funnel. Nevertheless, it is still a key piece of the overall sales strategy.

Email marketing is without a doubt a powerful tool for marketing your product. However, when the marketers are faced with these problems and challenges their sales go down. But, there are various ways and solutions to overcome these challenges. If the marketers are able to track them down, they can join the other companies that successfully rely on email to drive traffic to their website, thus, breeding high revenue.