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In our current era of automation, we see many examples of businesses relying on modern marketing methods in order to get their services out to as many customers as possible. The days of direct mail marketing are numbered due to the continued success of email marketing due to its convenience, speed, and effectiveness in reaching a wider audience. Many businesses acquire email-marketing services for a variety of reasons, which include reducing marketing costs, reaching larger audiences, and delivering more effective messages. Listed below is a comparison of the Top 3 Business Email Marketing Services:


Strengthening the relationship between the customer and the business is the objective of iContact’s service. iContact makes the difficult process of managing several ad campaigns easy with its campaign management tools. They also offer HTML coding options, as well as templates, to allow the customer maximum flexibility when creating their emails so that each campaigns focuses on the right message. Social media integration is seamless with iContact, allowing for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter links within every email. iContact prides themselves on having an easy-to-use interface while providing award-winning customer service.

Get Response

Improving the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns is the core focus of Get Response. With features consisting of embedded video, contact list importing, and database search, Get Response offers handy tools that help businesses reach out to more customers. Their free templates are rated among the best available, and their service integrates with many different content management systems including Google Analytics, Joomla, and SalesForce. Get Response has a plethora of resources to help you either start your first marketing campaign or build upon existing campaigns.


The most popular email marketing provider for small businesses is MailChimp and for good reason. They offer a “Forever Free Plan” that allows business with fewer than 2,000 subscribers to send up to 12,000 emails each month, which is a premium benefit for small businesses looking to save on marketing costs. Their learning resources and templates make designing and setting up email campaigns quick and easy. Like their two competitors here, they also integrate with numerous content management systems, as well as provide a mobile app that outshines their competitors. MailChimp provides all the features a small business needs, at little to no cost, with an easy to use interface and simple layout. This overshadows their lack of advanced features for the more seasoned email marketer. If your business is looking for an email marketing service that is not only aligned with the current social media trends but also focuses on dedicated customer support and effective monitoring tools, then make sure you review all the products first, before selecting the tool that’s right for you. If you are seeking more information of email marketing, visit Main Leads.