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   1. Optimize Strategy

  • Progress Watch
    Quickly view the organization's progress on its overall objectives and Critical Success Factors. You may also drill down to view details on any of these such as which team members have been assigned these goals or parts of them at multiple levels along with their progress to better find and solve delays.

  • Update/Review Watch
    Enables managers to quickly review progress by Division, Department or Location and to provide frequent feedback to make sure the team is communicating well, expectations are known, and to more quickly spot problem areas.

  • Strengths Assessment Watch
    A key cornerstone of strategic planning is a rigorous assessment of one's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) in order to understand current boundaries and help develop boundary-spanning skills in the form of a vision and strategy plan to reach a preferred future.

  • Vision Watch
    This page allows an organization to lay out its current vision framework and then gather as much team input and involvement as possible to help shape and refine an ideal vision. 

  • Critical Success Factors Watch
    This page allows an organization to lay out its Critical Success Factors (the most important activities or factors needed to successfully reach each objective) and then gather as much team input and involvement as possible.

  • Competitors Watch
    Most companies do not have a central database to collect and share competitor information. This function enables any team member to add or view extensive information about each competitor and map their products against yours for better handling and future product design and positioning. 

  • Products/Services Watch
    This function enables you to create a Product Strategy Canvas for each of your key products or services in order to quickly evolve them by adding value, removing costs and more. It also allows you to better plan Future and "What If" products, as well as involve your entire team in ideas and feedback to make these products even better.

  • Planning Teams Watch
    You may designate members of key teams to plan new products, better handle competitors, and reach key objectives. Once a group is created, each member has access to a full suite of collaboration tools including a group calendar, meetings, events, shared files, discussion board and more.

   2. Right Team

   3. SMART Goals

   4. Superb Execution

   5. Results Recognition

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