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   1. Optimize Strategy

   2. Right Team

   3. SMART Goals

   4. Superb Execution

  • Rapid Feedback Watch
    Get (or give) constructive feedback rapidly, confidentially, and candidly. Replies and suggestions in this section can be anonymous, and are not visible to anyone else (not even administrators). 

  • Issue Tracker Watch
    Calls and emails are a poor way of handling problems as they lack tracking. Great teams have a process in place that enables them to quickly manage, track and resolve issues. This function allows any team member to quickly enter an issue or problem, track it, and ensure closure. 

  • Key Challenges Watch
    Even great managers often struggle with key challenges they themselves cannot solve alone. This function allows any manager to post a problem so that the strength and experience of the entire team can be leveraged to solve it. Managers can even post bounties to reward the best solutions proposed. 

  • Big Ideas Watch
    Most enduring organizations excel at gathering and leveraging great ideas from their entire team. Use this function to submit your ideas with the assurance they will be tracked, properly evaluated, and so that we may give credit where due. Your ideas are critical to the team's success. 

  • Refer to Sales Watch
    In most organizations only Sales has access to the CRM system yet leads often come from other team members. This function allows better tracking of those leads, eliminates lost leads, recognizes all contributors, and ensures credit is given where due to encourage even more.

  • Message/Event Tracker Watch
    This function allows you to send messages to specific users, groups or the entire team whenever you need absolute confirmation that they have read the message. It also allows sending of event notices and tracks the list of planned attendees based on their responses. 

  • My Team Files Watch
    This useful function provides a fast way to reach all shared files in the collaboration groups are are part of and serves as a central repository for specific files you need to share among team members. Departments can also post the files they most commonly share.

  • My Team Dates Watch
    This useful function remembers all your upcoming dates for goals due, collaboration group meetings where you are a member, your individual development plan targets, when your next appraisal is due, and more. 

   5. Results Recognition

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