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   1. Optimize Strategy

   2. Right Team

  • About Me Watch
    Keep others on our team informed about your abilities, interests, new developments, and more with the convenient collaboration tools on this page. You can also stay up to date on others by clicking Connect to view their page then activate the "Alert Me to Changes" function. 

  • Connect Watch
    Even small groups often don't know each other's full past skills, current abilities and areas of interest. Use this convenient search system to locate and discover new capabilities in your existing teams to solve problems and collaborate better. 

  • Group Collaboration Watch
    Create a collaboration group to focus on any topic important to the success of the organization or team. Once the group is created, each member has access to a full suite of collaboration tools including a group calendar, meetings, events, shared files, discussion board and more. 

  • Refer Talent Watch
    Whenever you see or meet someone that would make our organization stronger, let us know here! When an opening becomes available, this gives us the ability to reach out to true A-Players that someone on our team has already seen for consideration which helps everyone on our team.

  • Development Plans Watch
    Create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for each team member which are directly aligned with your organization's key objectives. These IDPs are actionable, updateable, and easily tracked by both the team member and their managers or mentors at any time. 

  • Succession Management Watch
    This page enables authorized managers to map out key positions that have a high revenue or cost impact upon your organization along with backup candidates for those positions. It also allows you to rank your candidate pool based upon potential and performance to visually identify your best talent. 

  • Talent Loss Watch
    When a team member leaves, just deactivate them here. The system will automatically send an exit questionnaire to both the person departing and their direct manager then tally the results to provide deep insight on the exact reasons for the talent loss across the entire organization, by unit, by department, by position, by location, and by individual managers. It also supplements in-person exit interviews by adding further depth, candor and analysis. 

   3. SMART Goals

   4. Superb Execution

   5. Results Recognition

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